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Dear Loretta,

Thank you so much for sharing your vibrant and powerful energy at TEDx Greenville. You are a "STAR" and it was great to watch you. As I watched, I learned something about stage presence that I had never understood. Your ability to share your light, gave me permission to share my own to a new level. Thank you for soaring so high.

I wish you all of the best and hope that some day soon, we can work on the same stage together. One can always dream!

Live Today! Love Today!

Andrew Thorn

I was talking with Dr, Crosby about the Gala and he made sure to mention that you were at the club in Anderson. I also blogged about you on my web page, http://www.palmettopride.blogspot.com. As a result of that one of my friends, Jimmy Boling says he was in a band with you back in the early 70's. He wanted to know if you are in town. Guess I'll tell him to take a road trip to Anderson. Lynn R. L.

Well, I was lucky enough to see Loretta perform in NY with a 9 piece band at the Historical Society (the previous night she sang at Lincoln Center) over the weekend - I'm sorry you all weren't with me. She sounded better than ever - those incredible pipes stronger than ever, engaging the audience... it was bittersweet to think that 20 years ago (maybe more, yikes!!) we were able to enjoy Loretta on a regular basis at the casinos. The only thing missing from Loretta's ovations was hearing Pudgy screaming "NO MORE... NO MORE..." I have to point out that Loretta sort of caught me off guard by looking better than I even remember... as if she wasn't stunning then! To invoke Pudgy again: "What is she drinking?? Oil of Olay on the rocks? Let's gang slap her".

Anyway, I had a great time, although it was over too quickly. Loretta is off to South Carolina (today I believe) after a packed schedule up here in NY. It was so good to see and hug her... love, Lenny xoxo


I love the CD "Quietly"...your voice is so strong that it stands alone....like a good juicy rib eye steak straight off the grill...if you add anything to it, it looses all its flavor. Max Hightower

Ms. Holloway, I am putting my dad's address in your guest book. He saw you in Las Vegas some years ago and was totally enamored. He is 84 years old and is anxious to see you in Vegas again. Everyday he tells me to go on the Internet to see if you will be there. Can you drop him a line. He would be thrilled to no end. Thank You. H. Roberts, Chicago, IL.

...are you going to perform in Las Vegas again I miss you! You are a minister of music - you take people to a better place and leave them there. Seeing you is a spiritual experience  Emily G.

I just came from the Hospice Of the Upstate Spring Remembrance Celebration. You were there as the Featured Performer. That you were!!! When you came thru the door singing "What a Wonderful World."....my first thought was, what is so wonderful about it? I had lost my Sister to cancer Dec 01, 2005. When you had finished, my soul was open and raw. I am not a cryer, but you touched something in me I didn't know was there. It is a Wonderful World, I just had to let the pain come out. It did. Then when you sang, "The Wind Beneath My Wings"...which has always been My song about my Sister. You gave me closer to something I didn't even know I was holding on to. Thank you so much. You have a beautiful voice. I love Jazz and will be purchasing your CD's. I Just wanted to let you know how much it was enjoyed.
J. Aronson

Loretta, I don't know if u remember me--u got me thru KEMO and breast cancer. Well, I am still here and missing you so much in Vegas. But, I imagine it is a tiresome place after a while. I know your family is in S.C. hope you and yours are doing well. I do selfishly hope u eventually will be in Vegas again. You got me thru my reconstructive surgery too--I hate hospitals and u calmed me. Thank you for the treasure of you. If we never get to see you again I am so glad I was so lucky to see you as much as I did. With much love--as always,
Patti and Steve. We wish you love.

Loretta, we met many years ago in Las Vegas at the Pegasus Lounge in the Alexis Park Hotel. I will never forget our enchanted evenings, you are such an elegant lady with a voice that could bring a person to cheers or tears. I have thought about you in the years and wondered if I would ever have the privilege of seeing and hearing you perform again. I will never forget the time you sang The child that has his own. I wish you nothing but joy such as you have brought me. Thank you for being such a rare talent and most of all a lady.

Michael Esterbrook

Loretta........please come back to us...we have waited long enough...Vegas needs your voice....and we miss you terribly. I remember the nights at the Luxor just "Quietly" listening to an angel....Frank & Joanna

You and I met here in Las Vegas a few years ago at the Luxor where you were performing. You may remember me, I am the lyricist who wrote "HERE'S TO LIFE." When I heard you sing my lyrics I could not stop the tears. It was so beautiful. You sang with so much heart and were so deeply moving that I doubt I was the only one with tears in my eyes. Please contact me so I can get a copy of your video and CD. Make me cry again! Here's to Life, Love and you.
Phyllis Molinary, Dominant Jeans Music, BMI

I listened to the tape of Loretta Holloway singing my song "Here's To Life" last night. Wow can she sing. Wow. She is a real fine singer. Where does she sing?

Warmest regards, Artie Butler

Dear Loretta: I received your video last Friday and watched it that very night. You sound better than ever and haven't aged a day since I last saw you. "Guess Who I Saw Today" is simply mesmerizing. You have a way of setting up and song and capturing a mood that is very powerful.

Sincerely, John Disney
President, Contrail Aviation

I'm listening to this album as I type -- fantastic! I'm not even sure what obscure search led me to find it in the first place but I'm sure glad I ordered it. Loretta, you sound amazing! I appreciate that you keep the same mood -- I so many times regret when albums that have a nice intimate piano/vocal texture disrupt the mood by added combos, drums, etc. This is a great album for appreciating the some of the darker/sadder feelings -- very thoughtful music and check the line-up of songs. This voice is an unusual combination (to me) of Randy Crawford, some of the southern sensuality of Toni Tenille and Gladys Knight, but with a real soulful power that none of these singers could achieve. Even songs I normally do not invest much time on ("I've Never Been To Me") take on greater depth here. "Strange Fruit" is very moving. And "I Can't Make You Love Me" -- the best torch song of the last 15 years is very well done -- very often good singers over sing that song. Loretta reigns it in with very effective results.

I don't normally log on to review a record, but I just wanted to let whoever finds his or her self on this page to know that you will very much enjoy this purchase. And Loretta, if you read this, you need to get yourself on a label that can throw some muscle behind what you are doing -- I wish you the best

UNKNOWN - posted on Internet review site

Hi Loretta

I hope all is still going well with you and your family.  I imagine South Carolina must be pretty steamy at this time of year. It's beautiful weather in MA, but though to enjoy right now – Mom passed away on Friday evening, exactly eight weeks after Dad.  She left us peacefully, but only after a really tough fight.  I guess she just got tired of fighting the pain after Dad left us.  I don't know if you realize how much she loved you, but she has pictures of you all over her house and your CD in her bedside player.  You really brought a great deal of joy to her life and I appreciate that immensely.

Again, thank you for giving Mom and Dad such wonderful memories to carry with them.

Much love, Laura

Dear Loretta:

We live in Great Britain and we have seen you perform in the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas twice, in May 1997 and in September 1998 and we thought you and your band were brilliant -- one of the highlights of our holidays.

The first time in May 1997 we had not previously heard of you but we were staying at the Luxor and the music was so great it drew us in and we listened to you every night.  When we went back to the Luxor in September 1998 we hoped that you would be there again and after check-in the first thing we did was check the cabaret schedule and we were delighted to find you would be performing for the duration of our stay.  We did not miss a show, twice nightly for a week!  We also bought the CD, which we have enjoyed.

Please let us know your schedule.  We wish you a very happy new Millennium.

Sarah & John Pendergast

BIT OF TRIVIA: January 2000 marks the 20th anniversary of a 25-year-old young man wandering into a little lounge called the Galaxy Lounge (in a hotel that's since been BLOWN up) and hearing and seeing one of the most remarkable singing talents I've ever encountered.  It was only icing added to the cake, that later, I got to know one of the kindest and warmest and down-to-earth REAL people behind all that talent.  It feels so good to know, that twenty years later (this 45-year-old young man) can say...we're still friends.

I wish for you one of the happiest Christmas' ever-- and many, many hopes for a very prosperous and blessed new century.

Thanks again...Steve

Dear Ms. Holloway:

I am listening to your tape, again.  The emotion you put into your songs always move me.  There is a touch of sadness which makes your voice that much more wonderful.

I am sure that one day you will rear back your head, raise your hands and the world will hear your lovely voice.

Jerry, Cape Cod

Dear Magic Lady:

You are missed in Las Vegas.  Can you hear the shouting all the way in South Carolina?  It goes like this, "we want Loretta, we want Loretta."  Let me know when you will be back..... all you have to do is look stage left....I will be there.

Ted Schwartz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Loretta my name is Gwendolyn Paterson I am a junior in school the school you performed in last Friday!! I sat in the back I really enjoyed it, I thought that it was going to be a boring assembly as usual but thanks to you, you changed my mind. 

I would love for my family to hear you sing especially on my grandparents anniversary that would be the greatest gift of all. Not taking up to much more of your time I'll see you around I hope and thanks to you I have a different feel on jazz.........I like it....I like it a lot ... thank you again for performing at Pendleton High School!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours, Gwendolyn Paterson

Ms. Holloway,
I wanted to write you and let you know that on Friday February 25th you came to Pendleton High School and made my day. I was am one of the PHS singers that performed. I am also the little short girl that was backstage helping you when you changed. You may not remember me but I will always remember you. That Friday was my birthday and you made it so special for me. I just wanted to say thanks for doing that. Because of you I will always remember my 15th birthday. It was the best.

Thank You,
Fathom Lippart

Ms. Holloway,
My family and I recently saw you perform at Caesars in Atlantic City and we were totally blown away. I'm a big jazz fan. Loved your style and had to have your CD. --Craig

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